Without our great team of Sponsors and Ambassadors, Pay A Sack Forward wouldn’t be where it is today. We are so grateful to be surrounded by some amazing people and are proud to call you all a part of the PASF family. 

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm towards helping PASF reach its goals!

Di Bella Coffee

Di Bella coffee are official sponsors of Pay A Sack Forward by offering our program at their roasting warehouse and drive through located in Bowen Hills, along with corporate development assistance.

In addition to this support, Di Bella coffee also supply coffee to our community espresso bar called “St Kilda Courtyard” where all profits made from coffee sales are channeled to PASF.

Di Bella coffee are big on kids within our community and regularly run “kids days” where we introduce a culture of giving back from an early age.

We thank Di Bella coffee for playing an integral roll in the PASF success and we acknowledge their support as official corporate sponsors.


Di Bella Coffee

Monster Labs

Brisbane Creative Agency, Digital Production

The days of placing a (Yellow Pages) print ad and forgetting about your marketing is over. The world has moved on, and unless you are moving with it, you will get left behind. The best, stress-free way to deal with your modern (digital) marketing is to hire Monster Labs to take care of it for you. Monster Labs can work with you in a number of ways to develop the digital aspects of your business. This could be as simple as taking control of your social media presence or repairing your website to make sure it is mobile friendly like they did ours.

When the Monster Labs team heard about Pay A Sack Forward and their cause, they knew immediately they wanted to be involved and help out in any way they could.  After a brief meeting with us (Michael and Ryan), Renee and Lana were completely on board with our goals for the future of Pay a Sack Forward.  After this meeting the girls could not wait to get started on the Pay A Sack Forward website and it is their energy and dedication that has allowed us to have this amazing website up and running! 


Kava Projects

“Creative Hustling”

Chris Lemuelu and Joseph Vicino are responsible for the state distribution, sales, marketing and management of well-known consumable brands within the hospitality industry in Melbourne.

They draw their philosophy ‘from the ancient Polynesian Kava ceremony, where people are brought together to discuss and resolve any issues participants may raise. Kava is shared between participants in the same way we share a meal or drink during a meeting. Although we may enter as disparate strangers, we depart with a bond, a sense of community, and a common goal.’

Whilst visiting clients across Melbourne, Chris and Joe create awareness of our work and encourage venues to join the PASF team. By using their impressive network, they are able to source products that we include in the sacks we take to the streets. Keep an eye out for them living by their ‘Creative Hustling’ philosophy throughout venues across Melbourne.  


Aqua Vista Glass

Aqua Vista Glass

We would like to thank Aqua Vista atlas for their ongoing support as official sponsors of "Pay A Sack Forward".

Aqua Vista Glass generously contribute $5 for every installation to the PASF program and we are thrilled to be aligned with such an innovative and socially conscious company.


Brizzy Jumping Castles

We would like to thank Brizzy Jumping Castles for their support by supplying jumping castles for our kiddies at our PASF packing days at various locations around Brisbane.


Brizzy Jumping Castles

Lady Carolina

Lady Carolina is a socially minded business in the hospitality sector. We offer a diverse dining experience of Latin convivial dining, street food and culture, while representing a social good. We celebrate and showcase some of the world’s best Rums, Pisco, Latin wines and both local and international brews.
Our vision for Lady Carolina is a fun, casual restaurant that offers modern, creative small share plates and innovative cocktails inspired by Peruvian, Mexican & Cuban ingredients and flavours. A place where friends, lovers, and family can come together, share dishes and experience our bold flavoured, colourful, modern interpretation of Latin food.


"We live in a country where we have access to excess. We are not going to change the world with one little restaurant on a corner in East Brunswick, but we will deliver a message that all businesses can contribute to positive change in some way. Every little bit counts for the 1 in 200 homeless living in Australia, so having such incredible staff that also want to contribute to change by donating 10% of their tips whilst the company donates a portion of their profits to Pay A Sack Forward, I believe is a step in the right direction”


Alby Tomassi - Co-Founder Lady Carolina


Totem OneLove

Totem Onelove Group is one of Australia’s premier and award winning electronic music companies. We deliver world class music festivals, tours and events to Australia and beyond.





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